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B.E.T (Black Educated & Talented)   



If y’all support female rap forreally real, I’m talking beyond Nicki Minaj & Iggy Azelea, give this song a listen. No ass shaking booty poppin music that degrades our women & further embarrasses the female rap game. This is of substance right here. Real life. If y’all wana hear something sexy, feel more than free to listen to my song “Attendance”. But right now we gotta push something positive to the mainstream listeners. Listen & share! Word of mouth is very powerful in the era we live in. Enough people share something it will create a buzz. Y’all a reblog or share a fight, but it’s time to share some things that bring a positive light! We are, Black Educated & Talented regardless of skin tone or hair texture or what the media says. We are excellence! That’s what I want to stress to the young men & women of today!

Yes yes y’all & it don’t stop! I’m still pushin my song B.E.T (Black Educated & Talented) take a listen! I feel like this hard work gonna pay off one day lol





This is greatness.



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